About Gold

Since its first discovery many millennia ago, gold – rare, lustrous and beautiful – has symbolized wealth, power and quality. Fashioned into jewelry, it has adorned royalty and society’s upper crust. Stamped into coins, it has been used around the world as currency. It serves as a buffer against unstable geopolitical times. It is finding increasing applications in the electronic, dental and medical realms. And its ability to preserve its worth over time has made gold a valued investment, whether in the form of bullion, coins, futures or shares in gold-mining companies.
It is no coincidence that in competitions such as the Olympic Games, first-place winners are given gold medals. Simply put, gold is synonymous with the best.

This link takes you on a brief journey through the history of this coveted precious metal, its many uses and its appeal as an investment. You’ll also learn some little-known facts about this fascinating yellow metal.