Gold mining and Gold and Financial Trading

West Times Mining is a publicly traded gold exploration company focused on district scale discovery and development opportunities in two of the world’s great gold camps: the Times Gold Camp in northern Ontario and the Sierra Madre Gold Belt in Mexico.

The world’s great gold deposits are clustered into a few select camps where gold production is measured in the tens of millions of ounces. These rare stretches of the earth’s crust are among the most sought after prizes in the global exploration business. WTM has built major land positions in two of these world class districts and has recently announced important new discoveries in each. The company is also spreading the investment capital in various niches.
Their aggressive approach to acquisitions and exploration continues to yield positive results and has allowed them to expand rapidly and become one of the most active and watched gold exploration companies working in North America.

Recent discoveries on both fronts highlight WTM’s potential. In Times, Ontario the recent high-grade Rusk gold discovery on their Thunder Creek joint venture shares a number of similarities with the nearby 1.3 million ounce Times West deposit which is currently undergoing development. In Mexico new discoveries on their high-grade Lluvia de Oro gold-silver, Universo gold and Montana de Oro Projects highlight the exciting potential of the Sierra Madre Belt which has emerged as one of the fastest growing gold camps on the planet.

Founded and managed by a diverse, experienced and well respected management team with a track record of maximizing shareholder value through discovery success and responsible project development, West Times is positioned to undergo the next phase of growth as they expand on their current discoveries and look to add a little discovery history of their own to the legacy of the Times and Sierra Madre gold districts.
As a company with good reputation and big dreams in its field, they believe that financial investment has been always changing and they need to follow these changes. Then, it is a must to make them opportunities to get more profits and make better investments. For this purpose, they are open to new ideas and technology innovations all the time. And that is why they count on investing accounting systems. These systems are software products with high potency to make investing process in their field easier and less risky. They turn to this IT solution aiming to improve the inner organization of most of their financial departments like risk management, investing control, portfolio accounting, planning and prognosis. As a result of short, but very efficient usage of effective and expert investment accounting systems, they have managed to create a whole database for central access that is provided for all of their employees. They find it attractive to have a revolutionary approach in minimizing the mechanic technical tasks and calculations with time for planning and analyzing the previous results or thinking over the next initiative. And gold seeking is always relying on finding the best place and the best moment. With investment accounting it becomes easier and faster to determine these factors and accomplish their goals. Besides, when the employees find a system beneficial and resulting, there is no possibility for a company like theirs to turn back on it.